Phase 3 Cable Hire.

A Power Cable Rental Company Based in the North West, UK.

Phase 3 Cable are a power cable hire company based in the North West of England. We rent pre-assembled single core copper leads with Phase 3’s Powersafe Connectors terminated and Network Connection Devices.

Phase 3’s power equipment rental service offers bespoke cable hire. We supply H07RN-F mains leads in different lengths and diameters. All our cable is available on simple, flexible lease agreements.

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What is cable hire?

Cable hire is the rental of power cable for three phase or single phase power distribution installations. In the electrical industry, the term dry hire refers to lease of power equipment that is provided without any additional operators or assistance. For instance, Phase 3 will assemble made-up H07RN-F leads and arrange the delivery of your electrical equipment. However, Phase 3 are not present for onsite installation or to undergo maintenance and safety checks. Above all, Phase 3’s service operates according to your requirements with flexible rolling agreements.

What power cable can you hire?

Customers can only rent the highest quality single core power cable, therefore Phase 3 have purchased a range of Nexans TITANEX® H07RN-F copper trailing cable. TITANEX® is currently available for lease in 120mm2 and 240mm2 sizes and is widely considered as the most reliable industry offering. The TITANEX® outersheath is polychloroprene (PCP). Most of our customers operate in low voltage power distribution environments using flexible mains cable, therefore require current ratings between 300 amps and 600 amps. For example, ethylene propylene rubber leads are suitable for applications such as: heavy duty handling equipment, mobile generators, construction sites, stage and audio visual equipment, maritime and public service buildings.

Phase 3’s H07RN-F cable hire is available in different lengths runs, although standard orders are 1 meter tails and 25 meter runs. Generator tails are cut to 1 meter lengths with lug-to-source or lug-to-drain terminations. Finally, all other powerlock cable is terminated with Powersafe single pole connectors as source to drain.

120mm² H07RN-F

  • Lug to Source 1 meter tail set
  • Lug to Drain 1 meter tail set
  • Source to Drain 10 meter set
  • Source to Drain 25 meter set

240mm² H07RN-F

  • Lug to Source 1 meter tail set
  • Lug to Drain 1 meter tail set
  • Source to Drain 25 meter set

Connection Devices

  • Rotary Clamps
  • G-Clamps
  • Fuse Holders
  • Powersafe Connectors

Please Note a ‘set’ includes 5 lines for each of the three phases plus Earth and Neutral. The lines are crimped terminated with 500 amp single pole connectors and M12 Lugs. If you require more bespoke specifications, please contact us and we can accommodate.

Powerlock Connections

Phase 3 can only be hired with pre-assembled crimp terminations of Powersafe powerlock connectors and standard M12 lugs for three phase applications. All of Phase 3’s heavy-duty trailing cable is terminated with Powersafe single pole connectors. Phase 3 is also a low voltage connector manufacturer known as, Phase 3 Connectors. Powersafe connectors are now the most used single pole electrical devices in the UK due to the exceptional quality that is certified through ISO, VDE and UL.

Power Cable Lease Agreements

All contract agreements are simple and flexible. Therefore, customers can dry hire for any length of time they require on a rolling weekly contract. Most importantly, there are no hidden fees or unfair penalty payments. In conclusion, we only ask that our rubber flexible cables and Powersafe connectors are returned in the same working condition they were delivered in.